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Our Story

It is amazing what can be accomplished with just a simple idea. A few years ago and idea was born from the mundane task of cleaning out a teenager's closet. Because of being a multiple sport athlete, there were many spare backpacks that still had lots of life....thus the idea for Athletes That Care was born.   However, Lori sat on this idea a couple of years, not knowing how to start and how to make the idea impactful.  Then one afternoon she was taxiing a group of her daughters’ friends and began talking about the idea….and the group was immediately on board, and quickly got to work with an initial goal of 50 backpacks to be given to Foster Children at Christmas 2016.  The girls soon realized that 50 was great, but more was possible.


Working with a purpose, in our first year of operation, we have distributed over 1,000 bags - primarily in the East Texas and Dallas area and have officially become a 501(c)(3).  We are thankful to be able to partner with corporations, athletic organizations and other groups that want to make a difference.  We are sincerely thankful that one of our members received the Community Excellence Award from the Best Preps organization as a testament to the hard work that the volunteers have contributed.  

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